Tuesday, 5 October 2010

No Pressure

So the new 10:10 Climate Change video showing amongst other things, a group of school children being blown up after they prove themselves unwilling to change their ways has been pulled from the TV airways (still on Youtube though, so the cynical amongst you may think that this is nothing more than a bit of a stunt). Apparently it's meant to get across the message that unless we do something about climate change people will die, but instead looks to be nothing more than ridiculous scaremongering by a lobby of smug middle class twerps. Well done good people of the 10:10 campaign, you've managed to hand the doubters even more fuel for their fire and will be winning no converts.
Personally I don't think the content, deemed to be in poor taste, is really that bad. It's silly and perhaps even aiming to be a satirical attack on those who equate environmentalism with eco fascism. However, it fails miserably in the fact that it provides the viewer with little to no factual data to back up the claims therein. What's more it's incredibly elitist. How will you help fight climate change Jemima? Oh Daddy's going to insulate the loft? Bravo. And you Tracey, Wayne, or insert other generic working class name here, why aren't you doing the same? Well Miss, my family live in a rented council flat, we'd probably get kicked out for the trouble.
It's incredibly hard these days to convince people firstly that climate change is a very real threat, but also that the responsibility for change isn't simply another fad of the bourgeoisie. This advert does nothing to help and quite frankly is a waste of time and energy.
So well done Richard Curtis. So far this year you've managed to make a balls up of two of the things I hold most dear. First Doctor Who, now this. Thank you very much.

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