Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Make your own Halloween Costume

Well, I'm up to my eyeballs at the moment (exam on Friday) so have neglected the blog this past week or so, but I've taken some time out of my oh so very busy schedule to bang on about how great it is to make your own Halloween costume.

Not only do you ensure that you have something 100% original, but you can make the most of old clothes and scraps of fabric in the process. And before you shrink at the idea of tackling a huge textiles job, bare in mind that many costumes can be made using very basic techniques, cheats, adaptations and what's more, can be thrown back into the dressing up hamper (cupboard under the stairs) to be used and adapted again next year.

My sister has been taking this approach this year, preparing the above little creation for her daughter's Halloween party next week. She's going as her favourite bird, the flamingo, and the top (an old t-shirt feathered up with felt and fabric glue - ideal when you've a lot on and can't undertake a large sewing job), will be matched with a baseball cap beak and some pink tights.

I'll be doing the same for the Shugmeister's Charlie Brown inspired costume, having already ordered a second hand Snoopy toy from ebay, and for my own highly logical extra terrestrial outfit, I'll be taking suggestions on the best way to apply a United Federation of Planets badge to a blue top.

Over the next two weeks, keep an eye out both here and on Stuffed Crustie for a ton of home made Halloween costumes, decorations and treat ideas, plus recommendations for family and some more grown up film ideas for an extra scary night in.

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