Thursday, 30 September 2010

Project Gareden - The End....for now.

Well Autumn is here and over the past few days I've been pulling the remaining plants from their pots, getting rid of what was left of Project Garden. For a rookie year I didn't do too bad; we had a few courgettes and a fair bit of herbs including mint, parsley and oregano (all of which are still going strong). The soil problems I encountered mid way through meant that I sadly wasn't able to have the garden I hoped for this year, but made sure I knew exactly what to do next spring and I'm already putting a little money aside for raised beds. I also learnt some harsh lessons about re-potting and timing, after harvesting some plants too soon (corn) and failing to upgrade others (tomatoes that sadly never came into fruition as a result) in order to ensure they thrived.

I've the autumn and winter months now to plan ahead and I will also have the use of newly discovered website Your Garden Show, whose mission ' is to grow the global gardening footprint because we believe better informed gardeners improve the health, beauty and well being of all of our communities.' And it's always nice to have some support when embarking on any new project, be it from experts and professionals, or simply a community of experienced, like minded people who have tried and tested methods and ideas to share.

I will particularly interested in their child friendly section Plant of the Day, which has information on plant vocabulary, plant history and growing techniques, and can be subscribed to. The site is a collection of gardeners the world over, so if it's not planting or harvesting time where you are right now, you can still check out what other people are doing in their own gardens in alternative climates.

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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Hope you and family are well.

    We tried planting for the first time this year, it was partially successful (mostly thanks to Darraghs laziness!), and are hoping that by next spring good lessons will have been learnt!

    I use this site alot

    D told me to recommend to you.


  2. Hi Reb,
    Thanks for that link, I too had my pioneering year in the backyard plot, with a lot of dissapointment and a few tasty morsels! I'm trying to psyche up to doing it agan. Will be following your advice next season with interest.. gemx

  3. Nice to know that other people went through the same bag of mixed results. It's all good in theory but it does take time, effort and a lot of experience to do it well. Next year though....