Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Vote Green 2010

It was never really my intention to make this blog political; I have my political beliefs and am passionate about them, but was happy enough to leave them out of this arena. However, that was before I became aware of the fact that the Tories have been advertising their manifesto on this blog via Google  (just how exactly do they fulfill the 'eco and green content' I have specified for my ads?). I would therefore like to state now that this is something I find objectionable and am dealing with, and as a result Mr Cameron, you oh so smarmy git, the gloves are off:

I grew up in Thatcher's Britain, the north east of England to be exact, and as a result witnessed first hand the devastation that a self interested and greedy government can do to local communities, families and industry. On moving to Northern Ireland a decade ago, I was made painfully aware of the same levels of political self interest, personal agenda and the down right hypocrisy (I'm looking at you Robinsons) that exist here too. The recent expenses scandal last year seems to have opened up more than a few eyes as to what it means to an MP or MLA. Is it really about doing what's best for your country and community, or is it more about what you can milk from the system and the best ways for you and your mates to make a quick buck?

While it would be wrong to tarnish all MPs with the same brush, there is no reason why we can't lay some of the blame at the foot of the parties over this. A certain standard can surely be met if a party is willing to lead by example and prove that their reasons for wanting to be in power are not just to serve themselves or a particular section of society. That brings me nicely to the Green Party, who are the only political party that does not take donations from business, meaning no conflict of interest when it comes to making big decisions on behalf of Northern Ireland, and by that I mean all of NI, not just those who kick with the same foot as you. I'm not saying they are perfect, and I can't speak for the motives of individual members or representatives, but at least they are making an effort as a party, to have their financial balls out for all to see.

And while you may be thinking it's easy to do when you don't believe in progress (a myth if ever there was one), you'd be more than surprised at what the party stands for. While a 'least harm' approach is one adopted by the Greens, investment in green business is one recognized as not only healthy, but essential in helping promote a cleaner future, creating jobs and repairing our damaged economy. £2 billion was spent last year in NI sourcing oversees energy. The Green Party plans to minimize this 'outsourcing' by developing local energy resources that will not only make us more self sufficient, but will create jobs and industry in the process.

I could bang on, but I'd rather leave you with a few links, including the Northern Ireland Green Party Election Broadcast:

Facebook Group: Adam McGibbon for South Belfast

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  1. great piece, love the broadcast video, hopefully the Greens will make great progress in this election :)