Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Furry Vengeance

2010 is the year of biodiversity and as a result I've been doing my bit, namely by joining the WWF and supporting all the important conservation and habitat protection work they do. I've also been looking into ways in which I can educate the kids in the family about such matters, without boring or overwhelming them too much, and visual media such as film and TV is a great way of doing this. I was therefore very happy to see that this week in the US (April 30th) and next week in the UK and Ireland (May 7th) sees the opening of live action family comedy Furry Vengeance. Staring the always charming Brendan Fraser and Brooke Shields, Furry Vengeance sees property developer Dan Sanders (Fraser) face an unusual protest group in the form of local forest creatures, when his company's latest project encroaches on their natural habitat. As much about personal responsibility as it is about the responsibility of big business, the movie focuses on the concepts of family, social values and expectations, and is a great way to introduce children into the world of habitat preservation.

In addition to the message included within, there is also a fantastic website and social action group attached to the movie, designed to engage children of primary school age in environmental and conservation matters. Click on the 'Take Part' section of the following link for more details, in addition to being able to view the trailer:

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