Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Do you believe in Fairies?

While I'm letting nature take its course in the garden, I've been swotting up on various gardening techniques available via the mighty web. As a gardening novice I thought it best to read up on the basic and not so basic practicalities of growing my own; from planting out to harvesting, to natural fertilizers and how to keep pests away from my grub. However, one of the best and most unusual things I've come across so far reminded me that what a I initially intended when setting out on my gardening odyssey, was to make it as much fun for the kids as it is for me. Definitely one for childish and childlike imaginations Make Your Own Fairy Garden is an amazing e-book by Nicole Brooks, full of useful tips and information about bringing a garden to life with magic and colour, not to mention the eco friendly and low cost methods included within.

When I told the Bethester that we'd be preparing part of the garden for fairy visitors her face lit up, she's getting to that age where she's fascinated by things like this, but I've also mentioned it to some of my older friends who still believe in letting a little bit of the fantastical into their lives. I've therefore included a link for purchasing, a very reasonable $49.95/aprox £32 or €37 when you consider the the wide range of bonus books that also come as part of the deal (including 'Fairy Kitchen' for making the most of your home grown veg), and hope that I can spread a wee bit of magic to my cyberspace amigos.

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