Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fun theory

I recently came across this YouTube Video from Volkswagen's Fun Theory sight and was impressed with how a little innovation and creativity can promote an otherwise mundane process:

This particular video concentrates on how making taking the stairs a fun experience can encourage more people to do so more often (rather than opting for the escalator), but there are also great videos in a similar vein that promote litter disposal and recycling.

It made me think about how to make day to day tasks more fun for the rugrats and myself, as like any job, being a full time mum can run the risk on monotony.  One thing I've come up with so far, is for the weekly recycling. I'm planning to get the Bethster to put various bits and pieces in order of size and colour before putting them in the bins (obviously not an all out fun zone for the grown ups, but for the kids a riot). I'm also going to hide stuff like bottles and cans around the house and get her to find them - duping her into thinking she's on some sort of treasure hunt, while it's really just a cleaver means of engaging her in the child labour effort. I'll be putting my thinking cap on to see if I can come up with more and better ideas, and I'll let you know.

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