Monday, 28 November 2011

Deck the Halls

Well first up, sincere apologies for the dip in posting. I had some security issues in November that interfered with my gmail and blogger, but they appear to be rectified now. Also, apologies to anyone who may have been trying to contact me about articles, ads and guest posts; emails regarding these things were more than likely affected too.

I've a few articles lined up over the next few weeks on the usual mix of EcoLife topics, but seeing as we're in the last week of November and people are starting to get that little bit Christmassy, I just thought I'd share a few of my current favourite Christmas decorations and supplies sites.

First up is Mrs Christmas. This amazing online store is a distributor of high quality baubles and decorations made by traditional methods in Germany and Poland. As well as featuring some really unique designs, they also stock retro look decorations that will have you rushing back to your childhood and welcoming ghosts of Christmas pasts to your door. They don't come cheap mind you (some of the more intricate hand blown gift set can cost upwards of £60), but they are the kind of long term investment that you can use time and again and pass down through the generations.

For something a little more modern and funky, then you certainly can't go wrong with the series of recycled tree ornaments from Nigel's Eco Store. Made from various bits and pieces  including old CDs and circuit boards, they prove that recycled doesn't have to exclude style, nor does it have to cost a small fortune, with most costing around £3. Even if you're not looking to top up your tree this year, I still suggest checking out the page as it's chocked with eco friendly ideas for gifts as well.

And of course, to save on the carbon footprint of mail ordering or shopping, you can always make your own decorations, with a little bit of help from the little people if you have them (that's children by the way, not elves). Youtube is a great place to get step by step instructions, like the one below, which should mean even those who don't consider themselves all that artistic can still give it a go.

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