Thursday, 16 June 2011

Available in Kid Size

A new campaign is under way to encourage hospitality establishments in Northern Ireland to improve the family dining experience. Available in Kid Size is urging restaurants, cafes and food serving pubs to promote healthy children’s options, the chance to order smaller portions from the existing menu and to emphasize a commitment to seasonal and local produce.

It is hoped that the campaign will promote a culture of family dining that relies less on the typical goujons and chips staple of the average children's menu, will encourage children to try new things, help parents maintain the good eating habits of the home when eating out, while at the same time help businesses appeal to parties with young children and reduce food waste. 

The group aims to see the values of the AiKS Stratagem adopted and supported by both businesses and parents and you can sign up to support the following points at

  • Offering parents the chance to opt for children’s sized options from the main menu
  • Sensible portion sizes, to reduce left overs and waste
  • Option of children’s starters or canapés, so that parents and children can eat together in the same sitting.
  • Choice of children’s side orders such as vegetables and salads, as alternatives to chips.
  • Children’s table activities that encourage healthy eating, such as puzzles and colouring sheets with a fruit and vegetable theme
  • Children’s meat free options
  • Child friendly (non- breakable), reusable cups and glasses
  • Smaller/beginners cutlery on request
  • Seasonal and local produce incorporated into the children’s menu and clearly identified as such
  • Free tap water to anyone who asks
  • Any new or on-going projects recommended as a means of improving the family dining experience

Meanwhile businesses, parents and consumers can find out more about Available in Kid Size, by visiting the website, which includes news, information and resource tools for encouraging healthy eating habits in children. 

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