Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Airtricity for the home

Well after what seems like years of faffing about, deregulation for home electricity supplies in Northern Ireland has finally started to get off the ground, meaning that residents can now benefit from more choice in how we power our homes. For me it's meant that I have finally been able to switch to Airtricty, the wind turbine company that I was so impressed with when working on business properties and have been itching to get sorted on a domestic basis.

In many ways the launch of alternative power supplies in the home has been quite muted. It was only when a sales rep came to my door that I realised that this was now possible in my area, after years of being told that it would happen soon, so I thought I'd give them a wee shout out here for anyone who wants information on greener technologies.

Wind energy can still be a divisive subject, for those who question the extent it can meet our overall needs and for those people who simply don't like the look of them big 'ol turbines, but in many cases it can save money (up to £149 in some cases) and as it can be adapted to existing systems (NIE still own all the in house meters and delivery systems) it is a fairly straight forward process.

Along with sister company SSE, Airtricty has a total of over 800MW of onshore and offshore wind farm capacity in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in construction or with consent for development. They also offer a yearly Community Fund, intended to support community projects in the locality of our wind farms, presenting £12,000 in March this year to  groups in the locality of the Bin Mountain and Tappaghan Wind Farms.

Obviously no one is under any pressure or obligation to change their suppliers, but its nice to know that the option is now there and if you'd like to find out more call Brian on 07837853573 or check out the Airtricty website http://www.airtricity.ie/uk/home 

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