Sunday, 23 January 2011

Earth Creations Clothing

An interesting wee promo dropped into my Inbox this week, courtesy of Earth Creations. Their range of T-shirts, sports and leisure clothing for men, women and children are made from sustainable organic cotton and hemp, but employ a novel means of printing, namely the Clay-dyed method.

This means that the clothes have a softer, pastel hue (low impact colour is the term used I believe) and are limited in selection, but as a result are kinder to the environment compared to chemical, synthetic dyes and their bi-products. They also use no additional salt which can be disruptive to the eco systems in and around textile dying factories when released in to the surrounding areas and waters.

A US based company, the clay used in production is taken primarily from Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas, but the company have been sent samples from interested parties, eager to help expand the colour pallet (Earth Creations only started out with two) and these have included people's gardens, car parks and even from an Alabama potter who still uses traditional pulley methods for extraction.

If you're in the US, you can find your nearest store/supplier by using the locater on the website. The company also ships overseas, which is great for those who would otherwise miss out, but worth bearing in mind that this will go some way to increasing the carbon footprint of your clothing.

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