Monday, 13 December 2010

Swapsies: An Author You Can't Refuse

Well the good people behind the Black Market are at it again, coming up with something new and exciting for all us book lovers out there at this month's Black Books. 

From 12-5 this coming Sunday at Belfast's Black Box, you can come along and enjoy the usual gaggle of book stalls (new and used), zines, rare books, antique comic books, magazines and children's literature, all in an extra festive atmosphere with live entertainment, mulled wine and other delicious snacks and treats.

But there's one new aspect this month that has really caught my attention and appealed to the paper saver in me and that is the launch of the very first Black Books Book Swap. Attendees are invited to bring along their old books and in return will receive tokens to swap for other donated book/s. Not only does this encourage re-usability, but think of the opportunity it affords to discover hidden literary gems, try new genres, get personal recommendations from other readers and simply share in the experience of, well, sharing. And as a donor, I can't think of a better time of year to be passing on a much loved classic to a new owner. 'Tis the season of goodwill after all.

As I've said before these events at the Black Box are always great for promoting local trade and the arts, but if you're not from Belfast, why not introduce this idea to your area. A book swap is the perfect thing for charity events, school fairs and other fundraisers and of course helps in some way to reducing your paper footprint.

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