Sunday, 12 December 2010

Mighty Web - Eco Gifts for Adults

Last year I brought together a list of eco friendly gifts for children, so this year I thought I'd throw the focus onto adults, though a few of these would probably suit teenagers too.

A couple of these ideas were inspired by the Castlereagh Council REfresh Event that I attended last Thursday evening (a flying visit I must admit). The night was a means of showcasing the work and ideas brought about through the REfresh Community Workshops held in October and November, which were set up to encourage the revamping and re-assigning of clothes and textiles to avoid landfill. There was free Green style advice on hand and a couple of stalls as part of a mini Fashion Souk that sold some interesting and creative handmade crafts and clothing.

First up making an impression was Hola Lola a retro chic bags and accessories company where all items are ethically sourced and comprise mainly of amazing, fresh Mexican and Latino inspired designs and prints. They work closely with Kitch Kitchen an ethical label working with a family based sewing company in Mexico. For more information, including details of how to order online, check out the Hola Lola Facebook Page

Next was the super cute and very tasty (thanks for the free cookie sample) Gifts in a Jar. This elegant flip and decorative jars come complete with ingredients ready to make a number of different treats from Spiced Ginger Cookies, to Blueberry Pancakes, as well as with specialist international options such as 'Ireland in a Jar' offering soda and Wheaton Bread. As well as being seasonally wrapped they, they are user and child friendly, each coming complete with it's own hand written baking instructions. Check out the mouth watering website and the Facebook Page.

Other great ideas for gifts are of course the Amazon Kindle, reviewed last month here on Greensheen, Neil's Yard Organic Skin Care Remedies (the orange and geranium shower gel is amazing), The Natural History Museum's Animal Poo in a Box with growing seeds (available from Sainsbury's , Amazon and other online stores) as custom made bowls made from vinyl records.

Hope this can be of use to all last minute online shoppers.

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