Sunday, 14 November 2010

Crafty Business - Handmade Arcade, Pittsburgh, USA

A friend of mine is currently living in Pittsburgh as part of an environmental work exchange program and when I asked for a few tips on arts and crafts events in the area, he got back to me pronto with some great links. It seems that the city of Pittsburgh has really embraced the arts and crafts movement in recent years and I today I'm featuring Handmade Arcade as part of the ongoing Crafty Business segments.

Handmade Arcade, founded in 2004, is Pittsburgh’s first and largest indie craft fair. A highly anticipated event, in 2009 it drew more than 9,000 visitors from throughout the region and the next event will be in the spring of 2011. However rather than have me prattle on about something I've never been to, I recommend that you click on the video below for an insight from one of the event organisers.

Handmade Arcade, December 2009 from Brian Staszel on Vimeo.

The Handmade Arcade Blog, although only a few months old, is also a great read, providing information not just on the event, artists and traders directly involved, but also loads of links to other craft events, both in the region and across the US, re-affirming the sense of community often associated with the movement. The site also shares videos and photos of work and projects on show and I for one look forward to seeing how it develops, even if am am on the other side of the Atlantic.

It's also worth noting the other sites that my friend Mick O'Reilly (who I've appointed official Greensheen US correspondent, for zero pay and little glory) sent me, which include two gallery walks for the area:

And remember, if you want to recommend a favourite craft fair, please email

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