Monday, 22 November 2010

Crafty Business - Christmas Continental Market, Belfast


Well it's that time of year again, when towns and cities across the land build sheds and sell things from them. Yes, the Christmas Market may be a long established tradition on the continent in places like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but it is only in recent years that it has made it's way to Ireland and the UK. Here in Belfast we've a great market selling food, drink, confectionery and crafts from around the world, but with particular emphasis on local goods and craftsmanship.

Lavery'sIn addition to French and Dutch Cheeses, German Beers and Glu Wein,  hats, scarves and accessories from countries including Portugal and the US, there will be a wide selection of stalls promoting produce and talents from closer to home such as; Northern Ireland designer candles, fossils, crystals and lamps, chocolates and traditional sweets, knitwear, ROI hand written gifts, children's fair ground attractions, ecological sourced and ethically traded products and of course an offspring from Lavery's, one of the most popular bars in Belfast, who's tent will be serving up the usual lagers and Guinness, along with festive specials such as mulled wine and cider.

While many of us are still in the middle of a recession, and may not feel up to or able to spend our precious pennies at the market, it is still a great atmosphere, and kids will really love it, especially now that Belfast City Centre is fully illuminated and the City Hall Christmas tree is lit up. And besides, this year, perhaps more than ever we should really be making an effort to support out local businessmen and women, who work hard every year to ensure that this is one of the top Christmas events on these shores.


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Pictures by Hubu Phonk on Flickr