Thursday, 26 August 2010

My Beef with NIE

Well my lecky suppliers have been in touch with me a fair bit recently. First up was a pretty nonsensical bill, or at least I think it was a bill, I'm not entirely sure as I pay a set rate direct debit, so this was either advice that I've been paying too much, or not enough. Either way, there were enough sections, calculations, subtotals and totals to confuse even the most beautiful of minds, so I've decided to send it off to NASA and let them work on. They'll be getting back to me hopefully by Christmas.

The next thoughtful contact, which I am assuming most people in Belfast, maybe even the whole of Norn Iron received, was an invite to the NIE tent at the Green Living Fair in September. While the event itself looks admirable, and is being held at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Castle Espie, I must say that I do have a gripe with NIE's insistence on not only sending me a letter about this, but an enveloped one at that, with another flyer included. Surely if you insist on paper marketing your involvement with a Green Living event, the least you can do is keep the paper usage to a minimum? I simple flyer would have done. I'm already up to my eyes balls with the truck load of mail we have stuffed through our letter box on a daily basis thanks to the previous occupants complete and utter inability to advise anyone of a change of address. I could do without the excess, and could certainly do without it coming under the banner of eco friendliness.

That gripe aside the fair itself looks nice enough, but unfortunately I'm away for a family wedding at the time, so I'll not be able to report on it myself. It's being held on the 11th and 12th of September though, for anyone who's interested and you can check details out online at

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