Friday, 13 August 2010

Graze at your desk

Just discovered this amazing food order service called Graze (thank you Rachel) and thought I should share this with you all. For only £2.99 per box and delivery (that's cheaper than most of the extortional boxed sandwiches in your local Centra, and a hell of a lot healthier) you can get four punnets of healthy food, from a choice of nuts, crackers, dried fruit, olives, flapjacks and granola, to name but a few.

And what's even better? You can have them delivered weekly to your place of work or home, meaning that daily trips to the convenience store, with all it's temptations, can easily be avoided.

These are a great way to make sure your lunch or daytime snacks (or those of your children, friends or partner, as boxes can be ordered as gifts for other people) are of a healthier option, and you can have boxes delivered anywhere, they don't need to be signed for as they fit through a standard letter box and there is no contract or commitment. And whats more, the boxes themselves can be recycled and the company has a commitment to reducing food waste, stating:

"We buy and prepare all the fresh produce for your box on the day we send it. This means we're really accurate with our buying keeping food waste to a minimum. The same is true of our longer life 'dry products', which we pack in small amounts to ensure we use it all. Anything left over we give to our local farm. And because all our food comes in individual portions it means no food waste for you (and no extra waist)."

Check out the website for more information and how to get started picking your favourites:

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