Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Salvage Sisters

Earlier in the year I set myself two projects, one garden/grow your own which has produced lots of herbs and one or two bits of veg (not much though if you remember the problems I encountered) and one centred on the DIY makeover of our spare/play room. The garden project took priority as I knew it would for the first couple of spring/summer months, but that hasn't stopped me from doing a little bit of background research into all things makey-do for the household business. It may still be some time before I really get going, and it's probably best to wait until the weather gets really bad and I'm forced to spend more time indoors, but when I do, I know that I'll be using my newest find, the Salvage Sisters' blog, as a resource.

The brainchild of two sisters (Gemma in Belfast, Lucy in Edinburgh) the site is full of ideas for resurrecting relics and interior design, using recovered or second hand items, as well as plenty of home crafts, such as preserve making and Elderflower Cordial. Perhaps most impressive of all though is the recent post on a Salvage Wedding, a simply amazing example of what can be done with a little effort and energy to make a special occasion not only Eco friendly, but stunning, beautiful and fun to boot (especially when you have a restored Tractor as your open air carriage thrown into the mix).

A great blog and one I'm really looking forward to hearing more from as I embark on my own salvage projects in coming months. Gemma also has a little girl, so I imagine there will be lots of child friendly ideas cropping up there too.


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  1. Thanks Greensheen.. we're so flattered to be featured here!
    Yes have a few 'baby salvage' posts up my sleeve so stay tuned!
    i can with commiserate home grown garden disasters.. Am getting a good pea harvest at the minute though!