Thursday, 22 July 2010

'Back Garden' Nature and Wildlife Photography Competition

Well it's been a busy few days here in the Greensheen household, weddings, birthdays and lots of university work have meant that the blog almost went a whole week without a post. But what better way to get back on track than announcing the winners of last months photography competition?

Belfast photographer Atif Farooq had a hell of a hard time deciding on winners in the Adult and Junior categories; the number of entries was overwhelming, as was the quality. His final selections are posted below, and you can see some of our favourite entries on my flickr site - click here for Adult and Junior categories.

Congratulations to our two winners and all runners up. Because of the great response I'll be running another contest in the Autumn/Winter. Going to take a bit of time and get some really good prizes on offer. This time round £20 Amazon vouchers are making their way to the two winners, so well done to Emma Foxalland and Rebecca Nutting (who also nabbed 3rd place with another photo as the judging was done without name or age indicators).

Adult Category:

WINNER: Emma Foxall, Cramlington, England
"This was a great example of being at the right place at the right time and what a brilliant moment to capture."

 2nd: Nikolai Krinner, Vienna, Austria  
"I love the composition in this photo, it's simple but effective, the lone tree in the background is brilliant."

3rd: Paul Cook, Glasgow, Scotland 
"Lovely use of light in this photo and nicely framed."

Junior Category (16 and under)

WINNER:Rebecca Nutting, Boise, Idaho 
"Another great moment captured, I love the fact you can see the silk being spun."

2nd: Eve Davies, Norfolk, England.
"This one is one is very well composed and a great example of keeping our eyes open whenever we're out and shows that the subject doesn't need to be anything out of the ordinary."

 3rd: Rebecca Nutting, Boise, Idaho
"This is a nice action shot, I know how hard it is to get a shot of wasp or a bee when it's in motion. Good sharp detail on the wasp as well."

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