Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Just a very quick post today,  mostly to share this recipe with you and tell you about an upcoming event. This really isn't recommended for children on account the booze, instead, arrange into Martini Glasses for an elegant end to a romantic meal for two (recipe serves 4, but you can always keep some). It makes use of store ingredients, which are so handy at this stage in the winter, and as it's made in advance it means you're not slaving over anything too intricate and can enjoy your meal. The best thing about this, is the pumpkin isn't the main flavour component, it's just a base, so if amaretto isn't your thing you can try different flavour liqueurs such as cherry, coconut etc, garnishing with matching bits and pieces.

Chocolate, Pumpkin and Amaretto Mousse 

500g of tinned pumpkin
50ml of Amaretto Liqueur
50ml of Creme de Cacao
50g of Caster Sugar
1 tablespoon of Cocoa Powder
5 large egg whites
Some Amaretto Biscuits

In a bowl mix the sugar, shifted cocoa powder and pumpkin until smooth. Add the Amaretto and Chocolate Liqueur, stirring rapidly to ensure that mixture is not too runny or curdled (it should resemble the consistency of a thick lentil or pea soup at this stage). If it seems a little too runny, you could always add more coca powder or some icing sugar to stiffen.

In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites until white and stiff. Once done, fold into your pumpkin mix. Do this slowly and methodically, as rapid mixing will knock some much needed air out. In some glasses, crumble a few amaretto biscuits, them add the mousse. Chill for 4-6 hours, or overnight if you have time. Once done, sprinkle over some chopped almonds and grated dark chocolate (even use a heart stencil if you want to be really soppy).

So if this recipe has got your sweet tooth going and you are in the Belfast area, The Lawrence Street Workshop will be celebrating International Cake Day on Saturday, inviting people to bring cake and taste cake. The event will run at workshop, just off Botanic Avenue, from 4pm to 7pm and is open to all ages, with prizes for some of the most inventive cakes. Click on the Facebook link below for some details.


Image: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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