Monday, 25 October 2010

Pumpkin Pie

I've never made pumpkin pie before, but I'll be trying it this year. I've been looking about on the interweb and thought I'd post a few handy links for the basic recipe and variations on the theme, I'll update and let you know when I've actually tried it. Most of the recipes out there come from the US or Canada, so UK/ROI users will need to convert measurements and oven settings. You can do this via this handy tool on

Basic Recipe: Using fresh pumpkin as opposed to mix or canned, from the good people at Pick Your Own.

You'll might also find it handy to check out this step by step Betty's Kitchen video via YouTube, where the comments section includes plenty of tips and answered queries.

Maple Pecan Pumpkin Pie from the Baking Pan: Uses canned pumpkin, which I haven't seen in the UK, but should be available from specialist stockists. I love the addition of maple and pecan, which lets face it are a match made in food heaven.

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, For those chocoholics out there, this recipe adds what you surely feel has been missing all the long...chocolate!!!!!

Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake: For those who aren't pastry lovers, a cheesecake alternative from All, that comes with a high user rating. Bare in mind though that it assumes you have a ready made cheesecake base, so if you're making from scratch you'll have to look up a recipe for that too.

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