Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Mighty Web: Best Facebook Pages

It's a place where you can ensure that your never miss out on what your mates had for dinner, where even the smallest and fleeting brain farts can be noted and recorded for posterity and where you are kindly reminded as to what that person you went to primary school with is doing on their imaginary farm, cafe, zoo and organised crime cartel. But did you know that Facebook is also a pretty nifty means of keeping up to date with what your favourite organisations, campaign groups and websites are up to?

Here are a few the best Likes I have been introduced to recently, simply by the power of the Facebook suggestion tool. Some excellent sites and people have became know to me by this means alone, and for a shameless plug at this point, I'd like to mention that Greensheen has it's own page for those of you who have yet to come across it.

Planet Green: Mother of Treehugger and planetgreen.com, this is a comprehensive and extensive page with plenty of features and stories linked from those two sites. With just over 71,000 Likers at time of writing, the comments on posts are always active and lead to a fair amount of debate. A great database and a must for fans of all things green living.

Ecosia: Eco Friendly Search Engine that donates 80% of its search revenue to rainforest protection programs run by the WWF. Page has 135,545 likes, but the wall isn't really updated that often. It does includes a cute little info video of how it works though and there is plenty going on in the Discussion Boards.

Shelter Box: Disaster relief charity which provides aid in the form of ShelterBoxes, currently working hard to highlight the disaster caused by recent flooding in Brazil, which unfortunately has barely registered on an international scale. I urge you to check this page out and pass it along to friends in order to raise awareness of the floods which were caused by torrential rainfall last month. The Guardian has a piece worth checking out for more information here.

Lighter Later: Page dedicated to the 10:10 campaign to have the UK clocks adjusted to ensure lighter evenings. As this bill is about to be put to parliament now is great time to visit the Facebook site and see what it's all about.

International Youth Climate Movement: Collection of youth groups around the world all dedicated to climate change and global environmental issues. As well as an extensive photo collection and links to group websites, it also has it's own RSS feed and blog on the Facebook Page.