Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Coupon Sherpa: Eco Frugal Guide

Here's a handy wee site, predominately for Greensheen's American readership as it's the brainchild of the US based Coupon Sherpa, but worth everyone checking out as it has some great articles for eco living on a budget. The Eco Frugal Life Guide  provides help and advice on dozens of topics including buying produce, conserving and sharing food, recycling, alternative energy, eco-frugal travel and more. The guide represents months of research, all aimed at inspiring people to help save the earth while at the same time saving money, and in the wake of a recession this is something that is most welcomed by all in the Greensheen Household.

For hard working mums and dads in particular I suggest that you check out the section on  Natural Beauty where you will find amongst other things recipes for making your own foot soaks, facial scrubs and relaxing lavender bubble bath.

It's a shame that when times are hard it's often the environmental sector and green living that suffers, perhaps dismissed as luxury that can't be afforded at this time. In fact the opposite is often true, as many changes implemented for eco reasons can have money saving consequences in the long term. Hopefully this sight will give people a few ideas.

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