Monday, 24 May 2010

Photography Competition

I was looking over some of these amazing pictures by Belfast photographer Atif Farooq, and remembered that sometimes the simplest of things can be the most beautiful, and that sometimes it takes a picture such as this to remind you of the fact.

Inspired by this, I've decided to hold my very first Greensheen Blogger photography competition for both adults and children. Throughout the month of June I'm asking my readers to submit digital photos that they feel best fit the subject title of "Back Garden Nature". So while some of you may have had the honour of of capturing a lion mid roar on Safari, what we're looking for here is something caught on a more domestic scale, in your garden or local park, rather than jungles and rain forest. That's not to say I'm not anticipating some exotic pics, after all a back yard for someone in Australia or Canada is bound to be different to that here in Belfast.

Prizes will be awarded to the best picture in the Adult and Junior Categories (under 16) and will consist of a £20 Amazon voucher and a goody bag featuring some of the products featured on Greensheen Blogger in the past few months (more details to come). The deadline for submission is midnight on the 30th June (entries received after this date will not be considered). Finalist and winners pictures will be featured on this blog around mid July. Entries are by email only to and should include full name, age and location; winners will be notified by the 14th July and will be expected to provide a postal address for prize delivery. No more than three entries per person and I regret that entries cannot be submitted  by any other means. By submitting your photo you give Greensheen Blogger permission to use it in promotion of this or subsequent competitions.

The competition will be independently judged by Atif Farooq, so while immediate family members of Greensheen Blogger are not eligible to enter, everyone else is free to do so. You can check out Atif Farooq's photography by visiting his page

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  1. hector the great24 May 2010 at 04:37

    Those pictures are amazing!!! Lovely and simple, but make such an impact.

  2. Atif Farooq's photos are fantastic! They serve as a wonderful, simple reminder of nature's beauty.
    -Deb for Ecover

  3. Awesome pics, what if you don't have a back garden?

  4. Parks, window boxes, even something you just spotted at the bus stop on the way to work. Not limited to gardens, just so long as it is something natural to your area (so no zoos or big game, unless you have a couple of lions kicking about your yard).

  5. Can I enter from the UK?

  6. @Anonymous

    Certainly, open world wide

  7. I'll be hanging the camera around my neck! This will be a good chance to see the beauty around me! Great idea!

  8. Nice idea and great judge. Count me in.

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  10. Hi,
    Have the winners been announced yet?