Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Funky Reusable Shopping Bag

Okay, so I'm probably stating the obvious here, but your run of the mill plastic carrier bag is bad for the environment. In terms of degradability it'll hang around longer than salad at a kids birthday party, and in terms of general litter there's nothing more rank than seeing a plastic bag caught up in tree for months on end. Thankfully many places now charge for these or offer incentives for reusable alternatives, and as such, it's pretty much accepted as good practice to stock up on a store's own bag for life, or better still, a fashionable and sturdy shopping bag of your own.

After the global success of Anya Hindmarch's I'm Not A Plastic Bag the fashion world got on the bus and started catering for our our weekly grocery transportation needs, moving the reusable shopping bag from the realm of all things granny into that of all things funky. One bag in particular recently caught my attention, namely this cute Strawberry Shopper courtesy of Emerald Isla on Facebook. Reusable and sturdy, I will acknowledge that water resistant polyester isn't the most eco friendly of materials, but it does have the advantage of being wipeable, so if something in your shopping bag leaks, you're not left with any permanent or smelly stains, meaning it could potentially last you a lifetime. What did appeal to me most though was the fact that the whole thing folds up and fits into one of these little strawberry holders that can easily hook onto your purse or key ring. Considering the mountain of things you need when leaving the house with a baby or young child, something like this is particularly handy, taking up very little space, and in theory you shouldn't find yourself forgetting it either.

I seriously recommend checking out Emerald Isla for price details and more information, not to mention some of the other great children and baby products she has on offer.

Emerald Isla Facebook 

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